"An excellent, exciting workshop that fitted the objectives of the 2014 curriculum topic of  ‘Roman Britain’ perfectly. "

y4 teacher, Liverpool


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Roman britain 2014 national curriculum

scheme of work: lesson 1 - The birth of Ancient Rome

Resources for this lesson plan (click to download): 

Relevance to Roman section of 2014 National Curriculum for History:

Provides a background context to the Roman empire before the invasion of Britain

Can serve as a starter for further lessons on Roman empire / Roman life

Pupils will learn ..

About the story or Romulus and Remus

The characteristics of a legend as a non-fact based historical story

The difference between a legend and fact-based research

Lesson notes:

Given that the previous curriculum’s wider topic of Ancient Rome in general rather than just Roman Britain means you may have many Roman resources already in school, this lesson plan for the Romans topic could easily be extended into several lessons on life in Ancient Rome before the invasion.

Main lesson activity: Romulus and Remus

Watch the short cartoon story of Romulus and Remus on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA1D9wd29jI


Show the story of Romulus and Remus on the IWB or from pdf copies and read it either as a class or in groups (NOTE: works well as a guided read).  Answer the questions individually or in groups and feedback.


Ask pupils to write brief summary of what they have learned and read it out to class then complete the Romulus and Remus wordsearch.pdf.

Possible extensions and other activities:

The history of Ancient Rome and Roman life in general is a whole, massive topic in itself as shown in the pre-2014 Curriculum.  As such there are many other ideas and lesson plans for the Romans topic online at sites such as the BBC and the TES if you wanted to extend this part of the topic.

romulus and remus wordsearch romulus and remus

Lesson introduction: Where is Rome? / What do we know already?

Ask pupils in groups to discuss what they already know about the Romans and also what they would like to find out.  Record their thoughts for feedback to the class.


Look at the location of Rome on Google Earth and discuss how it is easily placed for conquest – can pupils work out which countries were conquered just by looking at the location?  Use the interactive map on http://resourcesforhistory.com/map.htm to confirm if they were right.


(NOTE: you could branch off here and use this as a pure research lesson for pupils to gather facts on Ancient Rome as there is so much information on the net and in books already.  If you do this, you could use the following comprehension task as homework.)