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A journey through Roman Britain either with a visit to

your school or virtually on zoom!


Meet a Roman Soldier, sort real Roman artefacts,, wear Roman armour and even throw spears!

roman school workshop for year 3 and year 4

Now also available

on zoom!

Choose your Roman experience ..

"An excellent, exciting workshop that fitted the objectives of the ‘Roman Britain’ perfectly!"  

Mr Robertson, y4 teacher, Liverpool

Step back in time and meet a Roman soldier with a traveling museum of hand made replica

Roman artefacts, learn about a Roman Soldier's Life, Sort small real Roman artfefacts such as genuine soldier's Bronze rings, coins and dice and even throw spears! Or choose our new state of the art zoom version for a brilliant bitesize overview of the topic with lots of interaction.

Welcome to Roman School Workshop, bringing the history of Roman Britain alive in your primary school with a fun and exciting timeline-based visit from a Roman auxilliary during his 25 year quest for Roman citizenship, from cold nights spent on Hadrian's wall in 150ad, to long days marching and witnessing the legendary Roman Testudo (Tortoise) fighting formation in action, to finally fighting the Pict revolt with the faithful Roman Pilum spear.


Planned from the ground up with the new 2014 National Curriculum for History in mind, this full day Roman school workshop covers all the statutory content from the 'Roman Empire and its impact on Britain' primary school topic, including Claudius' invasion, Boudica's revolt, Hadrian's wall and much more besides to truly extend the topic and bring it alive for your pupils.

romans school workshop boudicca year 4 girl