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Our real and replica Roman artefacts

I bring along a wide range of real and replica Roman artefacts for pupils to either handle or wear to enhance their learning and knowledge of the period as follows (while they can handle everything those highlighted are specifically wearable by pupils in the workshops activity a soldier's life):

Replica Roman Soldier kit

Lorica Segmentata (ie metal plate) armour

Lorica Hamata (ie chainmail) armour

Lorica Hamaa (ie chainmail) shoulder piece

Scutum shield

Gallea soldier's helmet

Caligae soldier's sandals

Gladius sword

Balteus belt

Focale scarf

Fibula brooch

Paenula cloak

Furca carrying pole

Loculus leather kit bag

Sponge on a stick

Hard tack bread and net bag

Lead folded message to the Gods

Wax tablet

Strigl (for scraping sweat from a soldier!)

Copper spoon

Drop wool spinner

spears in a roman school workshop.JPG

Timeline and spear task equipment

Various wigs

soft tipped foam spears

hessian targets

Plastic shields

Plastic helmets

Various teaching props

Roman artefacts used in the sorting task (ALL GENUINE 2000 YEARS OLD!)

Bronze rings

Bronxe brooches

Bronze belt buckles

Various coins

Spear tip

Arrow tip

Roman soldier's bone dice (very rare!)

pupils sorting real roman artefacts in p
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