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Workshop activities details
(for either a half day morning for a single class, or a custom
for multiple classes on request)

Learn about the key events of Roman Britain, wear armour,

handle a range of artefacts and throw spears!

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Interactive Roman Britain timeline

Act out the key events of Roman Britain


Join us on a journey through the main events of Roman Britain, starting with Caesar's invasions of 55-54 BC, Claudius 43 AD invasion, Hadrian's Wall and of course Boudica and her revolt of 61 AD!

Pupils learn all about the key characters and act out scenes using our replica artefacts with a humorous slant designed to make the events live long in the memory to be used in their classroom work afterwards.

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"A Soldier's life" task 

Try on Roman armour and take a look inside a soldier's kit bag!

In this activity we take a closer look at the everyday life of a Roman soldier by examining his kit and learning not only how they lived but also the difference between the two main types of Auxilliary and Legionary soldiers.

This continues with an explanation of the Roman 'Lorica Segmentata' armour and ends with an opportunity for all pupils to try either the armour or several other items on to feel the weight and have their picture taken.


In this session, pupils are also introduced to many other items of a Roman soldier's kit such as 'hard tack', the almost indestructible biscuit that was still in use by British soldiers in the First World War!

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Roman artefact sorting task

Hunt and sort genuine rare artefacts from Roman Britain!

pupils sorting real roman artefacts in p

While a lot of our Roman items are replica, there is nothing quite as exciting as handling genuine items worn and used by proper Roman British people of the period and this task gives pupils that opportunity.

Sorting a range of artefacts in different groups of STONE AND GLASS / PERSONAL ITEMS / MISCELANEOUS ITEMS and COINS, they go on a hunt to find incredible real items such as A Roman Soldier's dice, rings, coins and brooches that make a lasting impression on their learning and an unforgettable memory of the topic,  

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(Safe, light and soft-tipped) spear throwing

Defend against the Celts in a thrilling target practice finale!

Finally, in a fitting ending to what we are sure will have been a fantastically memorable Roman school workshop, pupils are taught about the history behind the famous 'Pilum', the Roman spear designed to bend on impact so it couldn't be thrown back!  


Pupils then take turns to throw our safe foam-covered training pila (i.e. four of them) at our hessian targets which are much more suited to a primary school as opposed to a barbarian battlefield.   That said, the pupils seem to find the challenge equally as exciting in this challenging but brilliantly fun finale to a most excellent workshop.

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